ACC Earner Levies and ACC CoverPlus Extra

By on 11th October 2013

ACC and Earners Levy

Everyone who pays ACC, including those on salary and wages, have an ‘Earners’ Levy’ included in their ACC premiums.  The Earners’ Levy portion of the ACC Levy cannot be claimed as a tax deductible expense.  This applies whether they are on salary and wages, self-employed, a partner in a partnership, or a shareholder-employee.  This rule also applies to ACC CoverPlus and ACC CoverPlus Extra.


ACC CoverPlus Extra.  What is it?

  • ACC CoverPlus Extra is available to all self-employed and non-PAYE shareholder-employees who work 30 hours or more per week – and to part-timers whose earnings exceed the ACC CoverPlus Extra minimum (which changes each year).
  • You negotiate your level of lost earnings cover.
  • You receive 100% of this lost earnings cover if you can’t work because of an injury, starting one week after your injury.
  • You don’t have to prove loss of earnings when you make a claim.
  • You have access to medical and work-related help as part of your ACC CoverPlus Extra policy.
  • ACC CoverPlus Extra is particularly useful to people whose income fluctuates significantly from year to year. It can also be useful to combine ACC CoverPlus Extra with private sickness insurance for all round cover as ACC only covers injuries not illness.


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