If we have passion don’t need to worry about Robots… Tim Leberecht

By on 21st September 2017

While artificial intelligence can replace any skill that’s routine or extremely complex, AI can’t replace social skills such as persuasion, empathy, character, or teaching. It is not very good at things we humans find simple and don’t think about: tacit knowledge or intuition. In the past, decisions based on gut feel could get you fired. In the future, deciding on data alone will get you automated.

The futurist Gerd Leonhard told me that “If you can describe your job in one sentence, it’s a sure-tell sign that you will lose it to a machine.” Ambiguity is not a robotic forte. Coders are out, sensemakers are in. No wonder firms like New York-based ReD Associates that apply Heidegger to help brands like Adidas and Samsung are in high demand.

Despite all the buzz about AI, humans still are a firm’s most valuable asset. In fact, human capital is 2.33 times more valuable than all other capital combined (real estate, inventory, technology, etc.), according to executive search firm Korn Ferry’s recent “The Future of Work Is Human” report (although I do wonder how they were able to come up with such a precise number….).


Extracted from full article by Tim Leberecht


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