Employers – Payday filing is coming

Employers – are you aware the payday filing starts from 1 April 2019? This means that for all employers instead of filing an Employer monthly schedule (IR348) every month, you will file an Employment information schedule more

Ceasing a Business

A business can cease for many reasons including sale, retirement of owners, mergers and liquidations.  It would be nice to be able to just walk away but unfortunately it is not that simple.  There can be many pitfalls more

Scheme swapping across the ditch

The Australian government recently announced that they have made changes to legislation that will allow New Zealanders to transfer their retirement savings from KiwiSaver into a compatible Australian scheme and vice versa. This more

Changes to GST Online Filing

Changes are afoot for those of you who file their GST returns online at Inland Revenue’s website.  Access to the standard online GST form found under the “Get it done online section” of the website will be removed from more

Changes to rates and thresholds as of 1 April 2013

Working for Families The net income level guaranteed by the minimum family tax credit will rise from $22,568 to $22,724. ACC The government announced that the 2013/2014 levy rates will remain at their current levels. However more

Get your Docs in a Row

We aim to present your financial statements and tax returns in good time. To do this we need your completed annual questionnaires with full supporting documentation. Minimise costly delays by keeping in mind likely supporting more

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