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“Laurenson support with Xero has made it easy for me having everything online.”

“Laurenson’s have done my accounting now for the last sixteen years.  I’ll be honest, you are talking to someone who really can barely read a financial statement, let alone put them together.  So, I just leave all my business things, including my home stuff, to Laurenson.”

“Prior to this I had my accounts done at a fairly big accounting firm in town, I came back here to look for a smaller, more compact unit if you like, and I found everything seemed to be just the sort of right mould to suit my sort of purposes, pretty much the way I work myself, I like to keep overheads down and use the clients’ money for the professional help, not the surroundings.”

“It’s just made it so easy, we hardly have queries now.  Things are pretty much done for me, we’ve really cut down the paperwork, made it a lot, certainly, a lot neater, real easy to understand.  I have never had any delays of any work that I have asked for, and they’re a very friendly mob and have served me very well in the last sixteen years and hope to see me to retirement.”

– Maurice Brown

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