“Cleanest and fastest due diligence they had even been through, thanks Laurenson’s.”

I’ve been working with Laurenson’s and specifically Avril for the past four years. They made a significant impact on my business, at the time we started out with them I thought we ran a pretty tight sort of operation fiscally but quite quickly they showed us how we could improve what we were doing.

In this time the business doubled in size and Laurenson’s were able to help us achieve this growth without too many growing pains. They created structure for the business. I could not say enough about how important it is to have good accounting and to be able to trust the figures.

Not only did they help with our accountancy they also helped provide guidance on how to improve our business, one of the best things we did was employ an in-house accountant and this was a turning point for me.

Recently I sold the business and the due diligence was the cleanest and fastest the new owner had ever seen, they are a publicly listed company, their requirements were high, and we were able to achieve this through having Laurenson’s as part of our team.

“They are a great team, all of them are approachable. They would come out and see us when we had our end of month and go through the reports, nothing is ever a problem. So, I have referred a lot of people to go to Laurenson’s purely because of the good work they provided me, really that speaks for itself.”

– Paul Nielsen
Founder and former owner of Hometech Limited


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