“I’ve been in business since 1992.  We run an import, distribution, marketing, installation business across the country.”

“We had a system that had been around for about fifteen years, it wasn’t on the cloud, it was just holding us back.  We wanted some deeper accounting, better reporting and data and that’s what Laurenson’s really brought.  We thought we were running a fairly tight sort of operation fiscally but now, now it’s just, the information has just blown that out the water.”

“Laurenson’s bring their skills of Xero to the business – it really took that Xero to another level.  And with our recruitment for new licensees now, if they haven’t got an existing accountant it’s mandatory that Laurenson’s set them up on Xero and once they are with another accountant if they are not on Xero they’ve got to come over to Xero before they can become part of our team.  That’s how much we endorse Xero and also the knowledge and experience that Laurensons have brought to the table.”

“They are a great team, all of them are approachable.  They come out and see us, when we have our end of month and go through the PNL’s and we’ve got a question, nothing is ever a problem.  So I have referred a lot of people to go on to Laurenson’s purely because of the good work they have done for us, so really that speaks in itself.”

– Paul Nielsen


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