Keene Krib

Laurenson Chartered Accountants have been our Accountants for over 25 years.

Valerie has always provided a service that would be impossible to beat, questions are answered very quickly with the correct information supplied, even if I have given wrong or partially wrong data, I know that  it will  always been well checked and it is sent back corrected and well documented.

My business has grown over the 20 plus years, with your assistance this has happened.

I have always received a high level of account analysis that has helped with forecasting the future planning and equipment purchases. You have made this simple and straight forward because the high standard of accounting information you have provided.

When approaching the Bank for loans based on past and future trends the information is presented with all the required data for the Bank.

Without you and your staff efforts I would have struggled with the accounts and the growth of my business would have been slow and possibly left wondering.

One of the most outstanding abilities of your staff is the speed with which questions or problems are solved or dealt with, I have never been left wondering when an answer will be forthcoming,

You have always had an interest in how my business is progressing and go the extra mile when helping with initiatives.  You have encouraged growth, without causing fear of debt, when a what if scenario is needed.

I have never felt like a small business and never have my questions or queries on my accounts, been frowned upon as if I should know the answer. So asking for assistance is never a hurdle but treated as a working partnership, I go out and work and Valerie and her team keep me on track with timely reminders for GST and Tax.

Stewart Keene – Keene Krib

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