Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ

“Their level of their support and service has exceeded my expectations.”

“I am the Finance Manager of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand.  We are one of the biggest denominations in New Zealand.  I work for the general assembly office which is a support office for 280 churches in New Zealand. “

“We have been working very closely with Laurenson’s Chartered Accountants for a couple of years now on a couple of levels.  One is a project to introduce Xero to our parish network while they support our office and our Xero general ledger.  They are also supporting 70 churches, so the relationship is directly between Laurenson’s and those churches.”

“They have done two things, I think, to adapt Xero as a product for use by our office and by churches.  One, is to customise the chart of accounts.  They have suggested a chart of accounts that is relevant for Presbyterian churches and have offered guidelines around that.  Secondly, they have customised the reporting for churches to satisfy statutory requirements on reporting for charities.”  

“It is an ongoing recommendation of mine to churches that they utilise Laurenson and Xero as tools for their administration. .  I think that they are very good, both in their implementation of Xero at a parish level and also for ongoing support with parish administrators and the use of Xero.”

– Brendan Sweeny

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