October GST extension and 3rd Resurgence Support payment released

By on 12th October 2021

GST October filing deadline has been extended

Inland Revenue have advised that taxpayers will have an extra week to file and pay GST and income tax currently due on October 28 this year.

Inland Revenue’s systems are shutting down for the final part of their Business Transformation release from 3pm Thursday 21 October until the start of business on Thursday 28 October.  During this time Inland Revenue will be closed to customers and all services, including myIR, will be unavailable for several business days.

Taxpayers will have until 4 November to file and pay the taxes currently due on 28 October 2021.  This will give taxpayers more time after the IRD’s systems come back up to file their taxes.

Customers can still file their returns before the systems shut down on 21st.

If you do your own returns please ensure they are filed by 4 November 2021 to prevent penalties and interest accruing.

If you have cashflow issues at the moment due to COVID-19, please file your return and contact IRD to set up an installment arrangement.  Providing you keep to the terms of that arrangement you will not have to pay any penalties and interest.

The best way to contact IRD for payment arrangements is through myIR.

Click here to see media release by IRD.

COVID-19 Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) – 3rd payment released

A 3rd payment under the RSP scheme is available to eligible businesses and organisations which experience a 30% decline in revenue due to the increased alert levels, for the period starting 1 October 2021 and ending immediately before all areas of New Zealand return to Alert Level 1.

Applications opened on 8 October. 

Click here for more information.

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