Nick McFall -
Creative Mouse Design

Creative Mouse is a design studio based in Pauatahanui. Since 2006, they’ve helped businesses create an identity, be seen, and sell their products or services through strong branding, clear messaging and a professional look and feel. Ultimately, they are all about helping businesses and organisations build stronger brands.

Here’s what business owner Nick McFall had to say about working with us!

Why did you first approach LCA?

We were actually with another accountant when we first started the business. They did the basics well, but we reached the point where we wanted to bring in an accountant who would really add to our business and help us achieve our goals. When we first met with Avril from LCA, we instantly clicked. What got us excited was that, aside from the standard accounting services, their packages (including regular meetings, financial year planning, budget tracking, and goal-setting) were what we were looking for. They were also really hot on Xero, and since then the Xero platform has gone from strength to strength. Choosing them turned out to be an easy decision for us!

What has LCA helped you with?

Some of the services LCA set us up with are iPayroll, Xero, and Spotlight Reporting. As a visual-based person, Spotlight Reporting is a perfect way for me to understand how the business has performed. We also meet with Avril every quarter to discuss how we’re going, and plan for future investment in the business. Just being aware of everything happening now and what’s coming up is so helpful.

I like how they’re flexible with the way they can support you as well. If we’re away they can manage our payroll for us, and they’re always happy to help whenever we need advice. When you give them a call or email, they don’t make you feel like you’re ‘on the clock’. We also really appreciate how they’ll come out and visit us when we’re swamped. It’s a great time-saver for us, and it’s nice to show them what we’re working on at the business. The way they split your service package bill monthly is useful for your business planning too. It really helps even out cashflow rather than one bill at the end of the financial year. We’ve recently started doing strategic workshops with them as well, like evaluating our strengths and weaknesses, which was funded through the Wellington NZ Regional Growth Fund.

How has LCA impacted your business?

Over the years, one benefit that has stood out to me is how LCA has helped us make sure we have stability. Knowing what we need to turn over each month, put away for upcoming taxes and costs, or save for the quieter periods, means there are no surprises. We can easily see exactly how we’re tracking, and we know if we need to put the hammer down! Even during unforeseen challenges, like the COVID-19 lockdowns, they were a great support system and helped us manage everything that was thrown at us. We feel prepared for anything that comes our way. Having that stability gives us the confidence to focus on making sure we have work coming in, and we’re consistently delivering superb results for our clients.

What would you say to other businesses about LCA?

I think your accountant is a part of your team, so it’s essential to find someone that fits within your business. You definitely notice the LCA team genuinely takes an interest in you. You know that they have your best interests at heart and that they are always meeting your legal requirements perfectly. From startups to big corporates, I know they can give you the right advice and support when you need it. Whether things are going well or are a bit tougher, they’re always there to help, and the staff are really approachable. They are ethical, professional, smart, and flexible, and I often refer others to LCA with complete confidence!

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