David and Joanne Walsh – Ten10 Commercial
Property Management Ltd

In 2018 David and Joanne started Ten10, a commercial property management company based in Central Auckland. Ten10 specialises in providing well-informed technical and administrative support to property owners. They offer customised services to ensure their clients can feel confident in their investments, while also giving their tenants a professional leasing experience.

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Here’s what David and Joanne had to say about working with us!

Why did you first approach LCA?

We initially started working with LCA in the mid-80s, when we first went into business. They helped us grow that business, which we went on to sell. Our relationship continued as we worked remotely from overseas. Twenty years later, as returning New Zealanders, we established Ten10. Even though we’re now based in Auckland, it was logical for us to include LCA in our business plan, to help us move our business forward.

We choose to work with LCA because we believe in teaming up with people we trust, and who are good at what they do. Our partnership with LCA gives us confidence that they are looking after all of our business interests, and our year-end tax requirements will be taken care of.

What has LCA helped you with?

Avril and the LCA team take a ‘start strong’ approach to forming a new business, which really works for us and is helping us grow naturally. They set us up with our business platforms, which include annual planning and ongoing reporting. Working together to plan and forecast means we can create a realistic budget for the year ahead. This gives us a lot of certainty about our targets and helps us make informed decisions.

LCA also set us up with Xero, which has made our lives a lot easier. They are true specialists in Xero, and they’ve made it very user-friendly as a platform. We can run any queries we need for ourselves or other relevant parties (like the bank or IRD), and instantly generate useful graphs and reporting spreadsheets.

One thing we’ve always appreciated is LCA’s positive approach to everything we do together. It’s fantastic knowing that anytime we come up against something tricky, their team is right there to advise us. Using Zoom, they are quick to set up meetings. They always make us feel welcome, and are only too happy to explain any queries might we have. Whenever we have an idea, we can run it past LCA and they’ll explore it in detail. It’s a practical way for us to do business, and saves us a lot of time.

How has LCA impacted your business?

We really value our partnership with LCA and enjoy working closely with their team. Their support means we can concentrate on building our business. The way they have introduced Xero has been a real asset – any information we need is available at the click of a button!

They’re always one step ahead in thinking about our spending, saving, and tax requirements, so there are never any surprises when it comes to tax. They regularly check in with us so we know how we’re tracking, and what our tax requirements will be as a result. We appreciate how they’re always a phone call away, and we don’t feel like we’re ‘just a number’ with them. They go above and beyond to help us when we need it. Their can-do attitude has enhanced our business performance, which also helps us with our personal investment decisions.

What would you say to other businesses about LCA?

LCA is a friendly, personal team – made up of highly capable accountants. They are focussed and organised, with an eye for detail and the knowledge to propel your business forward. They are very proactive as well – they’ll always look for ways to save you money and take advantage of any accounting opportunities available to you. LCA makes a real effort to get to know you – if you can’t be there in person, they’ll set up a ‘face-to-face’ meeting online. Working alongside them, and taking a shared approach, means you can crack on with meeting your goals. At the end of the day, LCA knows their stuff and are just great to deal with!

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